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How you can donate 

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As you come to this page to donate, give, sow, tithe, or vow you enter into the consciousness of LOVE FOR PROSPERITY. Know that your love for your own prosperity is what moves you to give and experience love at the thought of this spiritual movement prospering too! Know that whenever you come here and give offerings you are entering into the energy law of WHAT YOU SOW YOU SHALL REAP. You are entering into the energy of all the laws of prosperity. And KNOW that YOU ARE NOW RECEIVING GOD’S UNLIMITED SUPPLY in your life, world, and affairs. YOU are receiving divine ideas that will open up to you STREAMS OF INCOME. AND SO IT IS. We receive and bless all gifts with a 100 percent return!

Below you will find several offering portions WE at OLQOA1 work with. If you are a visitor please know you can work with whatever you’d like. MOST who are visiting or are new to our work or who just want to show their appreciation for this ONLINE SPIRITUAL SOCIETY/CHURCH, work with the Gratitude Offering. We thank you in advance. Those who are connected with OLQOA1 and its teaching know that we definitely work with the ENERGY OF NUMBERS. Certain offerings mean something within us and we work with them to create a certain, strategic flow back into our lives. ANYONE can work with these. You be led by your God in you. You know exactly what you desire and want.

ways you can donate:



This powerful MANIFESTING SEED you work with when you are looking for an immediate shift NOW! This is taken from a powerful Scripture in Psalms 118:25: Save now, I beseech thee, O LORD: O LORD, I beseech thee, send now prosperity.

Whenever one works with this and expecting immediate shift, THE WINDOWS are opened and the blessings appears!

Prosperity Affirmation:

Divine Love Multiplies Everything I Have & Everything I Give. Thank you for my Blessing. And so it is.

I want to DONATE this to this PROSPERITY NOW : Donation amount:  $118.25

Thank you for your Blessing

The Gratitude Offering 

This offering is from your heart. It is where you give whatever you feel to give. You are grateful for life and all that life is doing for you. Here you show your gratitude for this teaching of Love in your life! THIS IS ALSO where you can work with the 2022 MANIFESTING SEED!  This is exactly what it say's; YOU are going to be OK in 2022! You've heard the testimonies of those who have worked with this in the past. and I know


I want to DONATE  to

Gratitude Offering:

Any amount your heart & spirit leads you to donate...

Gratitude Affirmation:

Divine Father-Mother God,  I thank you for your LOVE & guidance.  Thank you for what I have, and what I am to receive.  And so it is.

Thank you for your Blessing

The 99.00 Turn It Around Offering 


This is the 180-degree turn. This is a powerful number to work with when you MUST HAVE A TURN AROUND QUICKLY. This is court cases, employment issues, family issues and the like. This again is one you want to work with often to experience A DRAMATIC SHIFT QUICKLY.

Prosperity Affirmation: Divine Love Multiplies Everything I Have & Everything I Give.



This is for ENTREPRENEURS, CEO, BUSINESS MINDED FOLKS WHO ARE DREAMING BIG AND LOOKING TO CREATE BIG THINGS! This is the SOLOMON CONSCIOUSNESS when the Creator asks Solomon; “WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO FOR YOUR SEED” of the 1000 burnt offerings found in 2 Chronicles 1:6. This is a VOW! If you don’t know about the VOW then ask for the teaching. This is an offering PURPOSEFULLY done in 4 installments. (to create discipline and focus) Along with it comes two one-hour personal one-on-one teachings about the VOW AND THE 1000 BUNT OFFERING. This simply put is for those who have killed off every other option other than BECOMING SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE. This is NOT to be done on your own. If you wish to move into this level of consciousness you must make an appointment to speak one on one with Rev. Tyra Love for personal teaching and to see if you are really the entrepreneur that qualifies for such a task.

The process can take up to 3 weeks.

Allow the guidance from the Angels to grow your creative ability on your journey to a better life.

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